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“Surfing in Western Australia“

“Surfing in Western Australia is pretty much as good as it gets: good weather, warm clear water, beach breaks as well as reef breaks….Our professional team can take you to these spots; so many breaks along the coast that you are spoilt for choice!“

The best thing about surfing in the Midwest of Australia is that there are no crowds. Australia’s renown for its vast land and small population, same applies to the West coast of Australia’s Indian ocean.
As locals we know some surf breaks off the beaten track which we are happy to share with you. We offer Surfing camps for surfers who want to go wild for a few days and eat sleep surf. These are experiences to share with mates and disconnect from the real world for a few days. For more detailed information on our surfing camps/tours you can visit out Retreats & Tours page.

Surfing Geraldton WA
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For beginner surfers the Geraldton offers some mellow waves perfect for learning on. Our qualified ISA instructors will help you to progress at your own rate and get you standing up on a surfboard catching a wave! For all details on beginner courses check out the Surf page. Catch you out there on the water!


Are you ready to surf empty waves?

Stand Up Paddleboarding in Western Australia

“Stand up Paddleboarding or (SUP for short) is for everyone. Little children from the age of 7 right through to seniors in their 70s can have a go and generally we will have you standing up by the end of your lesson!“

Whether you are a beginner or someone who has done a bit of SUP before, our experienced instructors give you tips on techniques for you to enjoy this easy going watersport.

SUP is so versatile, you can cruise along the coast enjoying the scenery, you can have fun wave riding, children can build up their upper body strength by paddling on the board and you can even do yoga on a SUP!
You can visit our Yoga page for all info on SUP Yoga classes.

Kitewest Class

During our lessons our instructors will give you detailed information about various SUP equipment to help you make an informed choice should you want buy a board. There are a lot of different SUP boards on the market, talk to someone who knows the market well and can help you choose a SUP that’s right for you.

During the Australian cooler months June-October we move to Bali to offer the same water activities. Why not join us there to test out the waters! For more information about SUP lessons, visit our SUP page.


Brand new gear provided!