Welcome to Western Australia…
Home Spot… Geraldton

“Geraldton is a paradise for wind and kitesurfers“

IKO Kitesurfing School Western Australia

“You can enjoy the thrill of kiteboarding worldwide in light or strong winds, flat water or waves but there really is no better location to begin kitesurfing than Geraldton, Western Australia. September through to April Geraldton’s beautiful beaches, warmth and winds are optimal for kiteboarding and recognized in kite boarding and windsurfing communities worldwide” – Lonely Planet

kitesurfing KiteWest WA

KiteWest Watersports offers kiteboarding lessons, from beginners to advanced. From perfect flat water to incredible wave riding spot, we can take you to your dream destination.

With internationally accredited IKO Kite instructors, the Team at KiteWest is passionate about kiteboarding and 4WD camping adventures

Customize your own kiteboarding or windsurfing tour and let us show you what WA has to offer: beautiful ocean, spectacular coastline, consistent wind, warm weather, magic surf breaks…

Try a unique experience in the MidWest Region…
…Epic downwinders with KiteWest!

Get your mates together and customized your downwinder. From couple of hours along the coast to a whole day riding, KiteWest organises all logistic for you.

Downwinders provide a great sense of adventure and sight seeing.

No matter what your style is, wave riding, boosting or cruising along, KiteWest guaranty a fun experience!


kitesurfing KiteWest WA

KiteWest Water Sports & Tours operates in Western Australia from October to May to enjoy amazing conditions..

IKO Card

At KiteWest Kitesurfing School Western Australia we follow the IKO (international Kiteboarding organization) lesson plan to ensure a high quality of teaching in a safe environment.

Our instructors keep up to date with the newest developments and every season we start with brand new kites to make sure you have the best start in kitesurfing possible!

We provide you an IKO card at the end of your classes so you can rent equipment or easily follow up on classes at a different location.

You also have access to the kiteboarder handbook. The handbook goes hand in hand with the lessons. It has a lot of valuable information on Equipment, Weather, Tides, Safety, Riding Techniques- as well as lots of other very useful information.


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All Brand new gear is provided