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The Best SUP Yoga Spots in the World

SUP Yoga for those who aren’t familiar, refer to practicing yoga on a stand-up paddleboard -essentially a giant surfboard that functions as a buoyant yoga mat. It may sound scary, but it’s a wonderful experience on the water. The trick to mastering SUP Yoga lies in balancing your body, using your muscles equally across the [...]

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The rapidly increasing craze for yoga in the west has thrown up some interesting off shoots to say the least. SUP yoga is definitely one of the most intriguing derivation for multiple reasons. Though no exact dates can be ascribed to when exactly a yoga practitioner decided to step on to a paddle board and  [...]

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SUP Yoga

  SUP Yoga is making waves in the yoga world - but are you still hesitant to test the water? Sure you’ve heard all the fitness and meditation benefits of a class on the beautiful blue ocean… but isn’t it too challenging? Is it even a real yoga class? What about alignment onboard a floating [...]

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News Letter May 2016

Want to teach SUP Yoga? Coming up – SUP Yoga Teacher Training in Bali and Japan! SUP Yoga Level 2 Teacher Training (Bali) Inviting all Level 1 graduates back to Bali to take your SUP Yoga teaching to the next level. This accredited 2-day intensive Level 2 SUP Yoga teacher training will help you grow [...]

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Newsletter March 2016

Here it is: the new summer 2016 news letter! Get to know the latest news, the dates of the SUP yoga retreats in Bali, the SUP Yoga teacher training dates and more. We are happy to tell you more, if anything not clear use the contact form on the contact page and we will get back [...]

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What Makes Bali The Best Place For Retreats

Wellbeing Retreats, Yoga Retreats, Active Getaways...all these are not new concepts...so why choose Bali over other locations? Mentioned below are some reasons why Bali is the best place for a retreat. 1) We are owned and run by Australians. Our training staff has years of experience in the fitness sector. All of our trainers have [...]

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9 Reasons To Go On A Yoga Retreat

My first yoga retreat was a defining moment in my life. To such an extent that I now lead yoga retreats for others around the globe in places like Bali and Costa Rica. This is a highly transformative experience, and I believe that any person who appreciates a healthy lifestyle and good health can benefit [...]

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SUP Yoga Teacher Training In Japan

SUP Yoga Teacher Training certification, 2 day intensive course, happening in iti orenji beach in Shizuoka, Japan on 16th - 17th July 2016 @ 9.00am, Prices are $450 US Per person, You get all of these, - Internationally recognized qualification - Training manual and equipment - Accredited training - Yoga alliance 20 hours con tuning [...]

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Training for SUP Instructor in Bali – With ISA/RipCurl

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Is your outdoor yoga session regularly being affected by nasty downpours in your city? Head out to retreats around the globe where the sun is shining to clear your mind and unwind. We've spent the past few days searching for the factors you need to consider when choosing the perfect yoga retreat. We have come [...]

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